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Our customers look to us for solutions to their most complex transportation challenges & we respond with innovative services that meets the highest standards of quality and reliability, and transform those challenges into opportunities for competitive advantages.
Our dedicated transport department consists of Local & expatriate managers who specialize in this field, working together to create the most easy, Seamless transport network, in collaboration with the best registered, premium transportation companies & Reliance’s own fleet of light to heavy duty trucks. Our Services includes:

  • All our trucks are fitted with the state of the art GPRS Tracking systems, with professional drivers & our own handpicked team of escorts & armed escorts for sensitive deliveries.
  • Consignments from the pickup point to the customer’s desired destination.
  • On time loading & timely deliveries, ensuring efficient delivery process of goods within the agreed time-frame between us and the client.
  • All consignments are covered by a transit insurance

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